Sunday, January 30, 2011

Would you?

Ramai yg bicara klu nak capai kegembiraan hidup buat diri sendiri, maka korg kene lah gembirakan org laen..bila pikir2 blik, mmg cam betul pon..korg hepi biler member korg pon hepi..x pernah ak jumpa org laen gelak,tiba2 dier sorg layan nangis..(*laen ar nangis sbb gembira)..and selalunya satu kegembiraan yg berkualiti boley menyebbkn sorg 2 tersengih sorg2 lama2 smpi kdg2 ak tgk gila hapa mamat nih? =.= . penyakit sengih sorg2 nih slalo ad kt org yg sentiasa berdamping dgn phone a.k.a aweks2 dorg ah..hehe..(biler la ak nk sengih sorg2 gak nih..)

So, apa kata kita terbalikkn situasi dkt atas..maksudnya??? adakah korg akn kecapi kegembiraan bila sepanjang masa korg buat org laen jadi sedey?? mmg x selalo lah bende nih jadi, tp sumetime, it happens..hope dlm seumur hidup nih jadi skali 2 je la kan, klu asik2 jadi mcm nih pon penat gak..jadi dah mmg takdir tuhan yg korg terbuat salah, terkasar bahasa, tersinggung perasaan, terlajak perahu(*sound wrong),terbuat bende yg sepatutnya korg x buat sampai the other person mmg tgk muka korg, dah mark awal2 nih r mamat yg pernah wat salah kt ak..smpi dorg naek muak, nmpk muka korg je, dier lari jaoh2, x nak tegur korg pon.. so, what is the next step??

Adakah korg akn cuba mengorak langkah meminta maaf?? pas2 sanggup ke korg hidup dengn mengetahui korg pernah jadi 'bodoh' sekejap, buat selama-lamanya..or, korg boley cuba cipta mesin padam ingatan, erase those memory like it never happen and start anew?? atau pon, korg akan pergi membawa diri ke tempat yg jaoh, so that org yg teranaiya itu dapat hidup dgn tenang dan bahagia tanpa diri korg?? so, what would you do bila cara yg pertama dan kedua dah x jadi? are you willing to go all the way sacrificing yourself for the sake of others' happiness..adakah berbaloi lepas korg dah pergi and from afar, you see them start :) will then you :) ??

p/s: i try hard not to make it sound emotional, instead make it to be motivating..hope it works the charm~ :)

Saturday, January 29, 2011


I must admit that, of one things that i dislike the most is football..yep, u heard me right..not that i have any personal grudge, or unpleasant memory attached to just that i'm not exposed to the game. i'm not used to it. i have no knowledge whatsoever regarding football..this is all due to the fact that my family is 'a bit' conservative.simply said, we dont have Astro in our pissed me off when, during our primary school, all of my friends will perform this ritual of creating a conference to discuss, analyze and give comments about last night game, before the class started..and i would sit in a corner, being as clueless as ever..

Those exact feeling had continuously accompanied me all the way from primary school until my college life..and fyi, it is not very entertaining to felt being left out from the group of your peers..especially when most of them are a die-hard-fan of football..they could worship it all day long..and can talk everything bout it for eternity..however,i'm amazed at how football has the charm to tighten the bond of friendship..the jolly shared the moment a goal is made, the sorrow when our beloved team loses, and the effort to stay awake in the middle of a night n walk all the way to mamak stall..that sure is one happy memory..but not of mine.

So, i decided that i would try to stick my nose into this football world. Everything has their first do i, though it might be a bit late to start learning bout playing not asking to be an expert footballer.i just want to be able to play with my friend..good enough for me then. and with this new expanses from jpa filling my pockets, i think there would be no problem for me to buy the accessories like boots, jersey and so on lah..

Then, at Sunway Pyramid, i sees it for the first time..and fall hard in love with it..Nike CTR360 Maestri II Elite FG *drooling..i just know that i need to have it as my first pair of boots..owh my precious beauty.i dun care how much you'll cost me..i just want you..

p/s: gmbr2 mmg bukan hak milik ak r.. :P

Friday, January 28, 2011


haha..x sangka yang sudah agak lama ak x update blog dan act there's people out there reading this little crappy blog..i had promised to 2 of my bestfrens dat i would update it as frequent as this lazy bone can..jeng2..tetibe ak rasa mcm jadik 1 kewajipan dah pulak..fret not.lagipon nnti mmg Mark Zurckemberg nak padam facebook pon..tebiat ap mamat 2 pon ak x taw..

so, ending nyer ak terpakse lah update blog ak dah x kesah pasal update org len dah..nk tau nnti lagi 5 taun pon boley..just atleast, sometime uh drop by ar to say hello.wont cost a penny. to peep out there, be it Germany ke, Oz ke, rajinlah mai kt blog cheq..besa2 ja pon. ak x paksa hgpa suma.. :P