Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Pardon ME

Well finally im uploading the ridiculous amount of pics from my sydney trip in fb. couldn't even imagine of uploading it piece by piece here.that would be forever. sorry for the late post.really couldn't help myself with updating my blog coz my life seems kinda full. aniway im just a bit down by my previous assignment . it not much things to do and aint difficult like hell. just, i dont like the brief of the assignment much. designing a 10 m square shelter with basic amneties. the size really limits my imagination and i end up spending more time in designing the form of my shelter whereare the brief specifically intend us to focus more on the space within it. to design it in relation to anthropomorphic quality, considering it universal accessibility and stuff like that which i haven't developed a liking to them yet. it just obvious that i wouldn't get a good grade for this task. thats what upset me most. btw here a plan and an elevation of my shelter. i got the shape intersting enuff to draw people attention but shame on me for not having time to refine its interior and make the space within it more habitable, at the very least, appear as being thoughtful.

Friday, July 29, 2011

Memasak Oi!

Mama, last week try masak nasi ayam gune resepi yg ma bg tu..tapi sayang x sempat nak masak nasik org len dah wat kan dah. sup ayam pon org len buatkn. last2, wat sos ngn kicap je. hahaha. even so, the sos and kicap was superr awesome!! sedap giler bakhang.

Random post.

Yesterday i received a phone call from one of my buddy. not much really, it just that he ask whether i'm interested with a flight offer to Singapore and Bali in January next year. it was on such a short notice but on second thought a 10 days vacation to Singapore and BALI is not something that u get everyday. the only catch is that u need to first go back to M'sia or fly straight away from Australia. it wasn't too bad of a deal but it just a last minute flight ticket to either M'sia or Singapore will cost me like, a fortune. around $700 to be exact. gonna need to say bye2 to summer vacation in Bali. it's okay we'll arrange other trip. Being an international student and having few of my local friends telling stories bout how they have been to Africa, Dubai, India, Argentina and even to KL makes me wonder that the world isn't that big. by exploring to different parts of the world would definitely broaden my insight on culture and humanity. meeting up with new people, learning new things. even the thought of it excites me. :)

Sunday, June 26, 2011


A little sneak peak bout how I'm bout to spend my winter holss!!! weyh I'm beyond excited! but just to clear things up, yess i'm having a winter trip and guys might thinking like, why is it winter now? aint it summer already?? durrh that because im in Australia alright..they re bunch of weird people who celebrate Christmas during scorching hot summer and rite now, we're having stupid winter cold. ok, its not stupid just its too cold. enuff of the rambling, i'll tell u guys what i'm doing. I'M GOING TO SYDNEY!!!

I dont know what different things that Sydney have and Melbourne doesn't but i just know i will enjoy this trip. i hope it will be amazing, no, pliz be AMAZING. dazzle me, surprise me. so my job is to try my best to snap every precious moments there with my lousy BB's camera and hope i wont be a douche and such a lazy ass. =) *big grin. will update it as soon as possible. choww.

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Its winter yo!

Im not gonna brag to you bout how wonderful winter is. you might think im mean but someone needs to tell the truth. i hate to be the one crushing your childhood dream but for real, winter sucks! im not being ungrateful or something, it just i would rather bask myself in Malaysia's cheerful sun rather than spending what seems eternity in this gloomy dark chilling mournful place. yep, winter and the sun, they just hate each other. winter real fren is the cruel wind gust. they make a wonderful combo, capable of literally killing souls. and it is just unfortunate that not all Australia will snow. :( u need to climb a mountain to meet those puffy yet cold white snow.

if you dont wear 4 shirts, 2 sweaters, a glove, a jean and a sneaker, then it's a bad bad idea to go out for a walk, let alone walking to the uni. its a miracle if u survived. a miracle indeed. aite,gonna stop rite here. to lazy to further write a thing and pliz put all the blame on mr Winter. bubye zzzzzzzz...

Monday, May 30, 2011


Today we finished 1 very very freakking long architecture review.it is for the design unit and equivalent to normal semester exam. no matter how many time, i will still be nervous..darrgh, who wouldnt by the way. but the thing that make ma soul shivers is the fact that there is a guest reviewer from Melbourne.apparently i know nothing bout her name or her work. stereotypical mind might suggest she's an architect. aite?

the review actually went very well.there is some disagreement in term of concept but yeah, i have my reasons. it was purposely design that way so that it function. i think it might be a good sign when Mirana saw me using her suggested idea and make those hand gesture " I Like it " from far. Im not hoping to get a HD grade, though it will do me good if i can have one again.hehehe, but aniway a Distinction is pretty much enuff for me. I will still be grateful. i guest the review went to well and im elated and feel like shouting it to the world. not good though, really really bad. Boasting get me nowhere. i must learn how to control this happy rush from leaking to every people i met. haha. Im not boasting right now am I ? :P