Friday, July 29, 2011

Memasak Oi!

Mama, last week try masak nasi ayam gune resepi yg ma bg tu..tapi sayang x sempat nak masak nasik org len dah wat kan dah. sup ayam pon org len buatkn. last2, wat sos ngn kicap je. hahaha. even so, the sos and kicap was superr awesome!! sedap giler bakhang.

Random post.

Yesterday i received a phone call from one of my buddy. not much really, it just that he ask whether i'm interested with a flight offer to Singapore and Bali in January next year. it was on such a short notice but on second thought a 10 days vacation to Singapore and BALI is not something that u get everyday. the only catch is that u need to first go back to M'sia or fly straight away from Australia. it wasn't too bad of a deal but it just a last minute flight ticket to either M'sia or Singapore will cost me like, a fortune. around $700 to be exact. gonna need to say bye2 to summer vacation in Bali. it's okay we'll arrange other trip. Being an international student and having few of my local friends telling stories bout how they have been to Africa, Dubai, India, Argentina and even to KL makes me wonder that the world isn't that big. by exploring to different parts of the world would definitely broaden my insight on culture and humanity. meeting up with new people, learning new things. even the thought of it excites me. :)