Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Mo Mo Mo :)

I wanna share here about little things my bestfrens should know about me. yep, as an entree, first you should know that i'm very timid. when i say 'very', it stands its point. i'm no social beast, so there's no point blabbering every inches of incident that happen in my sordid life. and you can't expect me to break the ice on my own. hahaha. believe me, you'll get tired of waiting. i ain't work that way baby, unless you really caught my attention, then we're talking.

Second is that, i not a very fond advocate of wishing someone's birthday. i once fought with my bestfren coz of this matter. doesnt know it can be that sensitive. though birthday is really important, such merry and joyous day, i still think that some people exaggerate it too much. so, allow me to seek an apology from all of you.first for being too blatant, and second for i may forget you birthday, without saying the appropriate 'Happy birthday' wish.

But but but, today isnt those days. for all i know, one of my bestfren had her birthday just recently. i dont wanna wish you via facebook and sms coz it will just stake up to the pile of wishes and eventually being rendered as just one of them. i got to do it just once in a year, so why dont make it meaningful eh. so here goes, my birthday speech;

" I may have no fancy present to give, i may have no sweet-talks up in my sleaze but i do have one friend i could really rely with. you know, life is full with trodden-hill. it will always knock you down but u get to find the strength to stand still. you were the one who always told me to have faith in myself, you are on your own for no one really care to hold your hand and help. so, im gonna tell you the same. stop shedding tears, and start thinking what good for yourself instead of other. screw what people might think. they dont know the real story, they just dont.this might be the lamest birthday celebration ever. but i personally prefer it that way. Selamat Hari Jadi."

you know who you are. so i guess if you dont notice this post and become emo for very long because i havent wish you any, that must have meant you stopped reading my blog. still im happy on behalf of you. Hope eveything in your life runs smooth and do share it with me. :3

Saturday, April 23, 2011

give me time.

Im sorry cause my ignorance had severely hurt some innocent souls. it is never intended. the thing is, the way i see something is different from what the norm would address to it. you cant expect me to be like all the random guys out there. u know i tried. it is hard and i piss to declare it, but to some extend, i.had.fail.i can easily lied to other, but u cant lied to oneself. that's the most irritating part of it.

despite that, dont mistaken my ignorance as to being selfish. you all should be grateful, very grateful indeed for not being burden with heaps of burden. you already good just the way you are. dont ever think of altering it to something else. you have no idea how some people crave to lead just one simple life, away from insanity.

right now my life is a constant weary. if there's still people who able to bear reading this piece of post, then im flattered. u managed to made me smile for a moment. but what i really need right now is time. to sort this mess in my mind. Cheers!