Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Pardon ME

Well finally im uploading the ridiculous amount of pics from my sydney trip in fb. couldn't even imagine of uploading it piece by piece here.that would be forever. sorry for the late post.really couldn't help myself with updating my blog coz my life seems kinda full. aniway im just a bit down by my previous assignment . it not much things to do and aint difficult like hell. just, i dont like the brief of the assignment much. designing a 10 m square shelter with basic amneties. the size really limits my imagination and i end up spending more time in designing the form of my shelter whereare the brief specifically intend us to focus more on the space within it. to design it in relation to anthropomorphic quality, considering it universal accessibility and stuff like that which i haven't developed a liking to them yet. it just obvious that i wouldn't get a good grade for this task. thats what upset me most. btw here a plan and an elevation of my shelter. i got the shape intersting enuff to draw people attention but shame on me for not having time to refine its interior and make the space within it more habitable, at the very least, appear as being thoughtful.