Saturday, April 23, 2011

give me time.

Im sorry cause my ignorance had severely hurt some innocent souls. it is never intended. the thing is, the way i see something is different from what the norm would address to it. you cant expect me to be like all the random guys out there. u know i tried. it is hard and i piss to declare it, but to some extend, can easily lied to other, but u cant lied to oneself. that's the most irritating part of it.

despite that, dont mistaken my ignorance as to being selfish. you all should be grateful, very grateful indeed for not being burden with heaps of burden. you already good just the way you are. dont ever think of altering it to something else. you have no idea how some people crave to lead just one simple life, away from insanity.

right now my life is a constant weary. if there's still people who able to bear reading this piece of post, then im flattered. u managed to made me smile for a moment. but what i really need right now is time. to sort this mess in my mind. Cheers!

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