Sunday, December 26, 2010

The First Ever Entry..

Delighted? Hell yeah I am!

I am a bored man with a ridiculous time to spare.. aint it be a waste if i spent it on sleep and eat? indeed, my 7 years ol' nephew knew it pretty well is..what the point of being all young if you dont act like one.poor those wasted vitality, adrenaline rush, hormone boast and those priceless YOUTHFULNESS. hear me folks, ure not getting younger.

So as i was saying, lack of cognitive process in this crack little brain had gave it moment to consider bout having a blog..not that i dont have any blog before, i mean like stop being an indie blogger..for a first time, i want to see whats lies on the surface, to have a sip of fresh air, out from this stuffy room i created to contain my woes and laments and all those freaking emo stuffs..from this moment onward, i want to have a blog where i hope it to help me cherish the goodness of life, hope it to be filled with joy and laughter(sounds cliche..haha).

but the prob is, no matter how friendly other might speak of me, i dunt feel like im friendly enuff..most of people might think im a BOASTFUL lad, speaks such weird words of english (the fact is, it runs in the family.u cant blame my mother for being a wonderful teacher and i just love to write), i am being ARROGANT for not being able to adapt to certain social circle, well, the 'main stream', for being SISSY for not being able to cast curse words when im being make fun of, for being such FRAIL, WEAK and FRAGILE man, and for being such a total JACKASS in communicating with other female species (such negative thoughts, i promise not to stay in this mode for so long, its tiresome aniway) ..

so let make it simple and clear..if u dont like me, so be it.stop reading the blog..dunt think that ure doing a favor to my twin (if u happen to know both of us).

Enough with the heads-up.

I seriously hope that my 'coming soon' entries will be about some exciting adventure of my life that i hope to share with anyone who leisure enuff to stroll at my blog.. Enjoy!

p/s: tapernah tau nk crik nama tk blog sgt ssah..las2 ak amik je name blog private ak..hehe.

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