Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Laughtears .. :')

Supposedly, i wanna write bout how thrill am i bout having to know my ausmat result by dawn tomorrow..the excitement, that the result is going to be announced soon, a significant declaration that our one and a half years of pain and agony will officially comes to its end. but as a turn of event, our result had already been aired on the net this very nite. thats a news alrite! it catch me unarmed..and for god sake, i'm watching Malaysia epic final with really turn off the mood.. i swear i was numb when khairul fahmi missed the two goals.not a bloody curse word.

The game was a legendary, however..though M'sia is already winning the AFF Suzuki Cup..Safee Sali only goal really bring back hopes to the nation and i guess M'sia success had give me some courage for me to face ma own music.. i had my own dissapointment bout the result but who am i to not being grateful..achieving jpa's requirement is already a tough having to achieve a bit more is more than a bonus. ALHAMDULILLAH..i hope the success You gave to me is more of a pleasure than a catastrophe..

Still, not all eggs hatched, some had to become omelette rite(awful joke, ahaha).. it is really sad to know that few of us was'nt as lucky as i am..i just hope things will not turn like this.if only reality could be change, time to be reverse and mistakes to be undone.. maybe Lord have something bigger in store for them..look at the bright side; it still not the end of the world and ure still staying in M'sia with all ur beloved still can go to Australia and Germany any other times u want..vacation, or maybe completing ur PhD's or even 'honey-moon', cry a little.lets the emotion wears's pefectly normal.."who wouldnt sad, rite"..but make sure to bounce back, have a rebound..sad u may be, but never ever ever being pround of urself!

p/s: please dont lose contact. now ure at the bottom of the wheel, sonner or later, it ur turn being up.. :')

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