Friday, February 18, 2011

This is it.

So, this is it.
this is the feeling and i'm so overwhelmed by it.
hehehe..who knows that this day will really come by.
though it still very much like a dream,
when i used to feel awe by what Teacher Huda had told us.
of her marvelous journey in Victoria, New Zealand.
how i would then secretly put it on my wish list.
"tce, i wanna be just like you. i wanna go to those amazing places too.."

it feel just like days ago,
when those disappointing news, painfully cling to my dream.
such a pain in da ass.
JPA did'nt call me, either way, it means i'm stranded in UM.
i kind off succumb to the despair and start giving my heart to da uni.
i think, " its okay.i'll grow here.. there's still good fren by my side (it's Atin)."
and da new culture that higher institution always fool you,
those majestic, suffocating ambience..
that made you shiver the moment you step a toe inside its massive gate.
UM has it alrite.
just when i think all hope is gone,
there's the wake-up call..
never knew that KBU will open its stingy arm to embrace us.
and all of a sudden, im among da JPA students.

it sure feel like just a minute ago..
i'm having new frens. the one i vow to cherish,
to hold very dear to me.
such naivety back then..
for i was so young and immature.
a hatching in this sordid world.
asphyxiated by turbulent emotions..
i made mistakes, hurt people closest to me..
for a person to bear faith in you
i taint it. im ashamed. fill with sadness.
yet, i know a year is as good a blink of eyes.
i ended up putting a wall in between..
in hope when the year pass by,
i'll be able to put a smile, when they finally depart.for good.
how one shoud'nt cut a frenship ties..
for the wound will never clot. it will bled.
hahaha..never knew i'll trouble myself for da sake of other..
i dare put my study at stake,
how ungrateful lad can i be..
i admit, my college life were a trough in my life..
still what goes round, comes round..
i can achieve far better than what i got in da end.
screw those details. just an eye-sore.

it hell feels like it just a moment ago.
when God give me a second chance in life..
im flying. im living to my dream.
and just wait, what a miracle 5 years can be..

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