Thursday, February 24, 2011

Dream and Misunderstanding..

Hav u ever dreamt of someone that suppose to have no relationship with you?
but they suppose to be just a friend of urs..
but u dreamt of them ALOT.
how that suppose to mean then?
could it be they are someone important to you, yet you unconsciously not realizing it..
or, it just devil's play..
hahahaa. how such silly matter bugging me.
a thing for sure, this kind of uncertainty causing me major misunderstanding..
FUCK up for sure..
should i ignore it?


  1. panda oi.story laa if something bugging.after all,you and me are the same.hohooho

  2. hahaa..thnx tk animal uh.x taw lak ad adventure best yg jadi..kak ayu bagi 1 sweats ad it fits me well than ko nyer 'KOREAN MADE'. :P

    btw, u shud pretty much figure out but the things bugging me, happen to both of us.