Saturday, March 5, 2011

' E N C O R E '

Bravo. sometimes i just feel like da world being very unfair to me. it's not nice to maim my every aspects of life. there's not a single thing i truly feel contended having. having shitty friends that make you even sulkier..yeah, i agree with you. lets us hurried find a place to settle down.never realize that i'm on the verge of rebuke. maybe i should just announce it to the whole world. just call me 'keling' the next time you saw me. i'm dead serious.. matter fact, my granpa did come from INDIA. so, it's in da blood. i'm made by God, pitch black. i'm very sorry though for not being as fair as u peeps..dont know colour scheme are part of the requirement for making friends..maybe being black is da same as being ugly..who would dare to be seen in daylight walking with someone ugly.. so, that's why i have really few good friend. fuck discrimination. as that is not enuff, my physique is far-fetched from being a man. it left me with no charm of whatsoever. prove of how loser am i at attracting women..up to da point dat sometimes i just dont care to even try..hehe..just how screwed i could be? .. yeah, there's a saying ' every man hunger for love, we get pulled wherever we find love'. it's true. but still, life denied me from being passionate..

its never everyone faults. they don't know the whole story. the problem is, they can never u just happen to read this crap post, i'll kindly ask you to just forget bout it. just MYOB.

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