Wednesday, March 2, 2011


dont know how ? dont know why ?
just feels like my mood been sync with the existence of my new DSLR.
since i basically still dunt have it in my possession.
my mood would also linger on.
my mind, heart and soul been completely shut from the rest of the world.
kinda funny though.
to being drew to every emotional songs, and having it tuned whole day long..
they resonated too strong. feels like it was made for you.
such depressing nuisance.
what being funnier is that i wont keep the feeling caged out..
couldn't afford any of my mate to sniff my invulnerability..
hahaha..ironic for me to care much of a man's pride.
so yeah..
my advisor would prescript me with some plz-dunt-emo talks though.
but you dont get the chance to bask in sorrow and despair all the time.
so would be better if i just enjoy the ride..
join me if you want. HAHA.

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