Friday, May 20, 2011

Tumpang lalu...

Hahahak.. couldn't believe myself more,
i just blog-walk my own blog..
haish..what to do, i've been hanging my neck with zillions of assignment since the last couple of weeks, nobody says architecture is easy,
and I heed that call. i'm all prepared.
there just this one little thang called, the internet.
always had his way with me, making an hour felt like split second..
ouh and his side-kick, my childhood all time fav dramas,
i can stream them online now..make note, WITHOUT BUFFERING!
just imagine how much virtue i need to summon, to endure this sizzling temptation.
soooo, that kind of summed up why i didn't update my blog recently..
I JUST CANT. *ok, i lied, im lazy.
and one last thing, i notice my 'fellow pandas' had been expending in number.
well i wanna blame my beloved twin though. haha
im not pessimist, i just personally don't feel my blog good enuff for anyone to read it..
it's not informative, nor funny and for sure not controversial.
just things bout my life. that just all.. :P

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