Wednesday, May 25, 2011


I deactivated my facebook,
not that shoking really coz i've been wanting to do so like ages ago..
but last nite i got a very weird dream and it just struck me,
'ok this has gone too far, too out of control.'
so i take the honour of deactivating my own account,
though at the cost of few very close friends,
i guess i need to contact them through other means then.
to my little sister;
" nnti abg post lah gmbar2 dekat blog nih"
but not now coz i aint that leisure with time.
i wanna say im sorry too, coz i think i might had cross
certain line in fb friendship and being plain selfish to everyone..
ok lah, its a new day, better grab all the time i can to finish my assignment..

1 comment:

  1. abis tu adik dh tk boleh la smbng ngan abg...skyp kat laptop abg ziq...huhu..abg ziq dhkayt uitm punck alm dh..... >adik<