Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Its winter yo!

Im not gonna brag to you bout how wonderful winter is. you might think im mean but someone needs to tell the truth. i hate to be the one crushing your childhood dream but for real, winter sucks! im not being ungrateful or something, it just i would rather bask myself in Malaysia's cheerful sun rather than spending what seems eternity in this gloomy dark chilling mournful place. yep, winter and the sun, they just hate each other. winter real fren is the cruel wind gust. they make a wonderful combo, capable of literally killing souls. and it is just unfortunate that not all Australia will snow. :( u need to climb a mountain to meet those puffy yet cold white snow.

if you dont wear 4 shirts, 2 sweaters, a glove, a jean and a sneaker, then it's a bad bad idea to go out for a walk, let alone walking to the uni. its a miracle if u survived. a miracle indeed. aite,gonna stop rite here. to lazy to further write a thing and pliz put all the blame on mr Winter. bubye zzzzzzzz...

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  1. hows hol??pegi lsrr ke melbourne puhlizz??see those cutey koala~~