Monday, May 30, 2011


Today we finished 1 very very freakking long architecture is for the design unit and equivalent to normal semester exam. no matter how many time, i will still be nervous..darrgh, who wouldnt by the way. but the thing that make ma soul shivers is the fact that there is a guest reviewer from Melbourne.apparently i know nothing bout her name or her work. stereotypical mind might suggest she's an architect. aite?

the review actually went very well.there is some disagreement in term of concept but yeah, i have my reasons. it was purposely design that way so that it function. i think it might be a good sign when Mirana saw me using her suggested idea and make those hand gesture " I Like it " from far. Im not hoping to get a HD grade, though it will do me good if i can have one again.hehehe, but aniway a Distinction is pretty much enuff for me. I will still be grateful. i guest the review went to well and im elated and feel like shouting it to the world. not good though, really really bad. Boasting get me nowhere. i must learn how to control this happy rush from leaking to every people i met. haha. Im not boasting right now am I ? :P

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