Saturday, February 26, 2011

Move on.

I just hope my words will catch up will you. At last,it's good news. Im moving on. though it isn't the perfect word to describe this whole mess. still,thanks for all da memories. i'll never forget bout a single piece of them.but if in da future we can't met again. it fine with me. Guess my 5 years resolution ain't dat strong.

Fuck golok, saying im acting all girlie. frail, weakness. need a new pair of attitude afterward. people changes. even in some cases to the horror, still some people change for the better. some retreat not because they ain't strong. they just letting it go.

I wanna announce something, i will deactivate my dilapidated fb just a swell of mess dat i dont care enuff to clean it up. catch me on twitter, (najibzailani). Once i get my DSLR, i'll back to my real purpose of blogging. Sharing little happiness of life with the dearest of my friends. :)

"You know I cant take one more step towards you,
cause all dat waiting is regret,
don't you know im not your ghost anymore. "
Christina Perri